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Airport welcoming and assistance


Private Transfer service

Bilingual drivers

Grocery Shopping

Hotel reservation

Customized itineraries

Domestic flight reservation

Surf Boards & Car storage

TOURIST ASSISTANCE: please feel free to contact us for any question about Nicaragua


TRANSPORTATION SERVICE: We offer Private Transportation Services. Our main purpose is to provide a safe travel with the best comfort and price for you while visiting Nicaragua. We go where ever you want to go, everyday 24/7.

SERVICE BY HOUR: This service is only for the city of Managua. We charge $10 by the hour, minimum 3 hours, driver and gas is included.

BUSINESS DAY OR SHOPPING DAY IN MANAGUA: A day consist of 10 hours, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm $80, driver and gas is included.

DRIVERS: Hire your private bilingual driver. We have drivers available to escort you with our own vehicle or we can drive your rental car to your destination in Nicaragua.

SURF TRIP TO NICARAGUA: We know the best surf breaks in the country and can make all the necessary arrangement for your trip.

SURF BREAKS: Playa Madera, Colorado, Panga Drop, Popoyo, Mansanillo, Playground, Puerto Sandino, Hotel Chancleta etc.

STORAGE FOR SURF BOARDS: If you are planning to return to Nicaragua for surf, you can store your surf boards safely with us.

STORAGE FOR VEHICLES: This service is for foreigners that are living in Nicaragua and need to store their vehicle when traveling out the country. We receive your car at the airport or your hotel and deliver it back at your convenient.

PACKAGE TOURS: you can choose one of our tours package or we can help you create your own personalized tour. We only offer private tours, this way you travel with who you want to travel.

GROCERY SHOPPING: send us your groceries list and we will do the shopping for you and deliver it right to your destination

HOTEL BOOKING: We can assist you to make sure you get the right place to stay with the accommodations that you want according to your budget.

DOMESTIC FLIGHT RESERVATION: We will purchase your ticket and make your reservation to the fallowing destinations in Nicaragua: Corn Island, Bluefields, Puerto Cabezas and San Carlos.